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What is Reel You?

Our mission is to help you capture your story in a way that reflects your real life. We’ve created the first “personal media” app that allows you to capture all your moments that matter and selectively share them in the way you actually socialize. Our lives revolve around the things we’ve done and the things we still want to do, and Reel You brings together these past memories and future aspirations.

How is “personal media” different from social media?

Our carefully crafted posts on social media don’t reflect the way we truly experience and share life with people in the real world. With personal media there is no concept of a public feed or followers; it’s focused on YOU instead of what’s trending.

Can I download Reel You?

We are currently running our Beta Youser Program for iOS. If you are interested in participating, please enter your email on the Home screen to join the waitlist.