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Downloading & Signing Up

How do I download Reel You?

It’s easy! Download Reel You here. To use Reel You, you must be 13 years or older and you will need an iPhone with iOS software version 13.2 or higher. iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and all newer models should be compatible.

If you don’t have an iPhone, you can sign up for the Android waiting list.

Why do you need my phone number?

Your phone number is used for two reasons: (1) to verify it is really you when signing up / signing in, and (2) it is your User ID which helps make sharing moments as easy as sending text messages.

Why do I need to finish signing up with my Apple ID or password?

This is a second layer of security to protect your Reel You account. Typically Apple ID and Apple Keychain (for passwords) use biometric confirmations with either TouchID or FaceID to confirm it is the real you.

Is Reel You for me? What kind of moments should I capture?

Yes! As many of our Reel Yousers noted: Reel You is for everyone. In particular, it’s for those who rather chronicle their lives outside of the public eye, as something they do for themselves instead of for others. It’s not only for the highlights, but also the in-between moments and underappreciated everyday experiences that make up the bulk of our lives.

Throughout the website you will see how parents, travelers, hobbyists and wellness enthusiasts are all finding unique ways to leverage Reel You for their moments that matter. For even more inspiration, visit @reel_you on Instagram.

Are you using Reel You in a new or novel way? We’d love to hear about it! Send us a message.

Is Reel You just another social media or photos app?

No, Reel You is different in a number of critical ways from other media-based and sharing applications. Reel You is a unique combination of private and social, with a focus on authentically capturing and sharing moments, keeping them organized and seeing them in new ways. Learn more here or check out what Reel Yousers are saying.

People & Contacts

Who are my Reel People?

Your Reel People Library shows all people you have shared a moment with, organized by those you have shared the most moments with appearing at the top. You can access your Reel People by tapping on the people icon in the You tab or by creating a new moment from the green plus.

Does Reel You access my contacts?

No, we never sync with your contacts but we make it easy to access your contacts if you want to share a moment with someone. If you share a moment with a non-Youser, you will be prompted to share the moment via Messages but Reel You will never send a message to your friends or invite someone without you specifically taking that action. 

How do I invite someone to Reel You? Can I share with someone who is not on Reel You?

Absolutely! The best way to invite someone to Reel You is by sharing a moment with them. You can bring a specific contact into your Reel People library by tapping on the blue plus and choosing them from your contact book. After creating a moment with them, Reel You prompts you to send the moment and invite your friend using the Messages application. The moment will be waiting for your friend once they sign into the app for the first time.

Alternatively, you can invite someone without using a moment from the Settings menu (in the You tab). 

Sharing & Moment Settings 

Who can see my moment?

There is no public feed and no concept of followers or friends, so your moment is not visible to anyone by default. Sharing is optional and the sharing settings are chosen on a moment-to-moment basis.

Who can update a moment?

You and any other people you share a particular moment with have the ability to update that moment at any time. This is true regardless of whether a Youser added it to their Reel, hid it or took no action. Anyone part of a shared moment can update the Title, Date or People of the moment. Each contributor can also add, update or remove their own content of the moment, including Media, Story, Location and Tags. Yousers cannot update or delete other people’s content, other than by completely removing them from the moment which will remove their content (see: Can I remove people from a shared moment?).

Can I remove people from a shared moment? Can I delete a moment?

You can remove people from a moment when creating or updating a moment. Tap the “People” icon and swipe left on the person you want to remove, then tap “Remove.” The removed person loses access to the moment and their content is removed it. They will retain access to their content (to the extent they added any) but they will not be notified they have been removed. If you remove someone in error, you can reshare the moment with them.

There is no “delete” button for moments in Reel You, but there are lots of ways you have control over your content. You can remove your photos, text and other content from a moment. You can also remove yourself from a moment by swiping left on yourself and tapping remove. This will completely disassociate you with the moment (if you remove yourself in error, someone else on the moment will need to reshare it with you). Other options include “Hiding” a moment or deleting your account. If you delete your account, your moments will no longer be retained by Reel You.

Are there limits on media? What types can I add?

There is no limit to the amount of media you can add to a moment. However, keep in mind that the more media you add to a moment, the longer it takes to back up the moment to our cloud. Closing the app too quickly after adding a lot of media may result in the media not being shared or backed up. This likely happened to you if you see a spinning wheel where your picture should be. To resolve this issue, remove the media, re-add it and try to save the moment again.

Currently, you can only upload or take photos in Reel You. We’re planning to add video, audio and other forms of media in the future.

What’s the difference between a moment's story and moment messages?

The story, as the name implies, is a place to write the story of this moment: What happened? How did you feel? What details do you want to remember? Everyone can contribute their own version of the story and these stories typically remain static. On the other hand, Messages are more dynamic and can be used for planning, reacting and reminiscing over the moment. Messages appear in a thread along with the moment’s history.

Notifications & Activities on You

How do I turn on/off notifications?

Under the You tab, tap the settings icon in the top right. Tap preferences to view your notification settings. 

How will I know updates were made?

You will receive an activity in the You feed (and notification if they are turned on) when an update is made to one of your moments or someone sends you a message. A red dot will appear on your moment if it contains unread messages. The full history of a moment, including all updates, is available in the Messages section of the moment.

Can I set up personalized notifications to remind myself to create a moment?

Yes! From the You tab, tap the Settings icon and then go to Preferences to set your notification preferences for reminders. There are two options: schedule a daily reminder at a particular time of your choice OR schedule a reminder for a certain number of days since your last moment. The majority of people set reminders for every 2-3 days in order to capture a few moments per week. 

What happens when I press “Add to Reel” or “Hide”?

When someone shares a moment, you will have the option to “Add to Reel” or “Hide.” Tapping “Add to Reel” will add this moment to your Reel. Tapping “Hide” will move it to your Hidden Moments (within Settings). Taking no action will do neither. Tapping the activity will let you preview the moment before you decide on an action. The person who shared the moment is never notified of which action you take. Depending on your notification preferences, “Add to Reel” will turn on notifications for this moment whereas there will be no additional notifications if you “Hide” or take no action. You can reverse your decision at any time by tapping “Hide” in a given moment’s menu or by pressing “Restore to Reel” from Hidden Moments.

What happens when I press "Yes" or "No"?

When you create future moments in Reel You, notifications are scheduled to remind you when those experiences are coming up and already happened. Tapping “Yes” or “No” on those activities in the You feed will prompt you with options like “Update Moment” or “Reschedule”. It’s not a requirement to take a subsequent action after choosing Yes or No; you can simply tap away from the menu if you wish.

What is a Super Youser?

Super Yousers are Reel Yousers who have fully explored the app. On the You tab there is an activity encouraging you to “explore more” pinned to the top. Tapping this activity will show you the 10 things to check out in order to become a Super Youser. The “explore more” activity will no longer be pinned to the top after completing all 10 items.

Super Yousers are eligible for unique perks such as early access to beta features before they hit the App Store.

The Reel & Search/Filter

I'm not sure of the difference between Moments, Recs and my Reel.

Moment: any experience, past or future, from your life. Each moment can be shared selectively.

Recs: suggestions for moments you can create.

Reel: aggregates all of your moments. Your Reel is uniquely yours, completely private, and you control the content added to it. 


An analogy: seeing Moments in your Reel is like viewing conversations in your messaging app.

How do I make an album? How does search work?

You don’t need to make albums in Reel You! One of the coolest things about Reel You is that your Reel is dynamic.

  1. Tap the search icon in the top right.
  2. Search for a friend, location or tag (or any combination!) and tap to select.
  3. Press “See Moments” to return to your Reel.

Now you will see a dynamic “album” of moments in your Reel that include the person, place or activity you searched. Tap the filter button at the top to remove the filter(s) at any time.

Creating more detailed moments will make it easier and more fun to see the different storylines of your life emerge in your Reel.

How can I see different views of my moments?

In the top left corner of your Reel is a “Swap” button which allows you to change the view of your moments. We regularly add new ways to see your moments. Currently, there are three views available:

  1. Classic
  2. Grid
  3. Countdown

Pressing Swap once will cycle you to the next view. Pressing Swap and then pressing the drop down menu will allow you to choose which view to see. By default, the Reel will return to Classic view after a moment is created. 

Why are not all of my moments showing?

Only a subset of moments will show if you have filters applied to your Reel. You can remove filters by tapping the filter button at the top and then the “x” next to each filter you want to remove. 

Additionally, you won’t see all of your moments in Countdown view. Only moments with a date set in the future will appear in this view of your Reel.

General Questions

I’d love to share the ways I use Reel You! How can I contact you?

We find it inspiring to hear about all the different ways our Yousers utilize Reel You in their daily lives. Send us a message, we’d love to hear from you!

Twitter: @reel_you
Instagram: @reel_you

Where are my moments stored?

Moments are primarily stored on your device and backed up to our cloud. This provides a safety net for your moments in the unfortunate event you lose or destroy your device. Storing moments this way ensures you never lose a memory and makes it easy to repopulate your Reel on a new device by simply signing in. We encourage you to review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to fully understand our services as well as our approach to handling your data.

Where can I learn more about my privacy and rights as a Youser?

Please reference our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.