Are you keeping it Reel?

There’s no better way to capture life’s experiences.
Authentic, private, collaborative, organized, flexible, findable…
Is it too good to be true? Or just the Reel You?

Focused On You
  • Complete control over your content and sharing
  • Keeps up with you as you adapt and grow
  • No anxiety, pressure or sapping your precious time (also… no public feed, likes or ads)
For All Moments
  • All your moments that matter in one place (no matter how big, small, silly or serious they might be)
  • Moments are organized with ability to easily find and dynamically filter
  • Brings together past memories and future aspirations
Selective Sharing
  • Moments are inherently private unless you decide to share
  • Sharing is selected on a moment-to-moment basis
  • You decide whether or not to keep moments shared with you
  • People invited to a moment can add their photos, stories and more

What makes Reel You the Reel Deal?

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