Dear You,

Your digital scrapbook. Your autobiography. Your collaborative journal. Your private social media. Your important moments with your important people. Regardless of what You call us, we’re proud to help You capture your stories in the way that reflect your real life.

The highlights are easy to remember; however, we know there is more to You than the once-in-a-lifetime victories and vacations. We also grow as individuals through life’s disappointments and the day-to-day struggles of being human. The vast majority of our lives consist of the “in between” moments and it’s exactly these experiences which make us who we are: from the relaxing evenings to the challenging projects, from the serious late night talks to the hilarious game nights, and from the quiet, reflective moments alone to all of the food, drinks and hobbies we enjoy together.

Aren’t all of these moments worth remembering?

In late 2019, we began creating Reel You’s personal media platform to do just that. We promise to give You control over your experience and to treat You with respect. Our focus is true connectedness, so we’ll never push You to follow “friends” or trap You in a never-ending feed. You won’t need to carefully craft your posts or online persona. The “real you” is happier and healthier… life’s too short to be anything else!

Reel You is a passion project kept alive by your purchase from the App Store. I’m grateful for your interest as well as the continued support from my family, friends, business partners and the Reel Youser community. Reel You helps people tell the story of their lives, and we’re honored You have chosen to make it part of yours.

Jay Alberts
Founder of Reel You