What is Personal Media?

Reel You is unlike any app you’ve used before. It’s not social media… it’s not a journal… it’s personal media.

There are three key pillars to Personal Media:

On You

For All


Focused On You

No public feed, no followers and no likes. Instead of what’s trending, it’s all about you – the real you – and the story of your life. Leave the carefully crafted captions and social anxiety behind. Reel You keeps up with your life as you adapt and grow, plus gives you complete control over every aspect of your experience. Reel You does not sap your attention at the expense of your well-being: remember your meaningful life experiences with Reel You, then put down the phone and live your life! Personal Media is Focused On You because the best version of yourself is the real you.

Reel Yousers explain what it’s like to have control over the app, instead of the app having control over you.

These Reel Yousers found they could use the app for all their moments that matter, not just the highlights.

For All Moments

Not all of your moments that matter are picture perfect. Moments can be big or small, happy or sad, personal or shared. Moments might also be upcoming plans or future aspirations. Reel You allows you to keep all of these moments in one place instead of all over the place. Reel You provides an easy format for documenting your entire life instead of having it scattered across journals, scrapbooks, photos, messages, lists, and social media. Add as much or little detail as needed to give your moments the right amout of context. It’s everything you’ve ever done, and everything you still want to do, in a single place.

Selective Sharing

Your experiences and friends aren’t all connected, but you are the common denominator. You have your family, your colleagues, your neighbors, your best friends and other people within your community. Every day we have shared experiences and make plans for the future with these different individuals and groups, but why share with everyone at the same time? Your moments are inherently private unless you decide to share. Other people can share moments with you too, but you decide what’s worth keeping. With Reel You, share how you actually socialize on a moment-to-moment basis.

Why share with everyone? Learn how Reel Yousers selectively share their moments.

The History of Storytelling



Telling stories is innately human. We’ve come a long way since cave paintings and oral traditions. As new technologies made storytelling more accessible, more people than ever participated. However, we’ve taken a step back in recent years. People are more cautiously sharing their stories, if at all, due to concerns over how social media companies handle privacy and the mounting evidence of its negative consequences to our institutions and ourselves.

Today, the broad category of social media has evolved into a few key groups: those helping us connect to our communities, those helping us to communicate, and those which exist to inform, entertain and influence. Only one new group, Personal Media, stands to help people tell their stories again.